Monday, September 8, 2014

Introducing The Curse of the Horn

I've been working on something for the last few months. A project I find difficult to admit to in public. 
It's a bit saccharine and mildly calculating... and it's been quite a lot of fun to write.

Maybe I'm a poet, but I'm not really a literary aficionado. I like a little bit of everything, including liberal doses of fantasy and romance and smut.
And, as an impoverished writer, I couldn't help but notice how much romantic, sparkly vampire books make. Or take note of the success enjoyed by those dinosaur porn moguls

I realized I needed to come up with an idea like that. Some kind of amazing synthesis, like sharks with lasers attached to their heads, or bacon and banana pancakes. 

So, I had to ask myself... What do you get if you smush together sparkly vampires and dinosaurs?

The answer was simple. Unicorns.

No, really.

A few months ago, I self-published a romantic fantasy novella called Tempting the Unicorn (this is an Amazon link).

I did this with my head held moderately high, and wielding an untraceable nom-de-plume.
It is the first book in a three book series called The Curse of the Horn. 

Tempting the Unicorn chronicles the forbidden love between a village girl and her fantastical paramour (who spends much of the novella and all of the smutty parts in human form, don't you worry).

I didn't promote this novella when I released it, but it's sold a double handful of copies so far. 

Now I am promoting it, because I'm about to release the next book in the series. This one is called Trapping the Unicorn.

In honor of Trapping being released, Tempting is going to be put on sale for a couple of days. And by sale, I mean it's going to be FREE

Like all unicorns should be. 

Specifically, it will be $0.00 to download my novella from Amazon on the 18th and 19th of September, 2014 (US time).

If you're reading this blog because you think I'm awesome, (or because you got sick of my begging on Facebook) but relatively-explicit hetero-unicorn-romance isn't your thing... well, you could still download a free copy and I'd agree not to tell anyone. 

Go on. You know you want to. 

Here's the link again. Tempting, isn't it? 

How, you might be asking, can I have written not one, but two novellas starring a lascivious mythological beast, and kept a straight face?

Well, I haven't really. There's been a lot of giggling. And several, much appreciated, unicorn-themed gifts from my loved ones. 

The hollow jokes and laughter, of course, can't cover up the fact that I've tarnished my literary soul forever. 

I'm quite happy to be selling out near the beginning of my career, in the hope that getting it over and done with will lessen the blow to the community.

I'm looking forward to a future of regretting my life choices as I swim in my gold plated swimming pool. 

I'm doing this completely for the money. Money, money, money.

I'm totally not in it for the true love and unicorns.

It's a fun series. I'm enjoying it. I hope other people enjoy it as well.

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